Croix de Chaubouret

Col de la Croix-de-Chaubouret

Date: 20th August 2022
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Location: St.


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Bananas and Flapjacks

Very close and running parallel to the Col de la Republique, the Croix de Chaubouret.

This climb is longer and steeper, but more scenic and quieter.

Indeed, it was all the above.

With the temperature now 30 degrees, this was going to be interesting.

However, stuffed with two bananas and a flapjack, I was raring to go.

Down to another roundabout, start on the D8 out of St. Etienne and then keep going until the top.

It reported the first 500m as being stiff, but to be honest, I didn’t really notice it.

However, further up the climb, between 4 and 6 Km, it became interesting with some 15% lumps.

Like the Republique, there was a flat section but sadly no tailwind, but I still gave it a blast.



A svelte figure

For a change, it was a summit vista towards the earlier ridden Republique.

Passing cyclists stared in disbelief. Was it the Brompton or my svelte climbing that caught their eye? (I am not sure :-).

The descent was against the wind. Pedalling hard downhill against the wind always feels like you’ve been cheated.

I suppose in hindsight though it is better than climbing up against a wind.

My biggest problem and one I often have is remembering where I had parked the car.

The ascent and descent followed different roads thanks to the helpful one-way systems.

I’m lost.

I knew I parked near the local “Parc d Europe”, but it is a big place and maze (for me).

After pedalling around paths a few times, much to the curiosity of visitors and some young lad intent on racing me, the Yaris appeared. Phew!