Col de la Croix Saint Robert

Col de la Croix Saint Robert

Date:23rd August 2022
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Les Gentianes


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Closed for lunch

Just up the road from Col de Vendeix is the pretty town of Mount Dore and the Col de la Croix Saint Robert.

A good idea would be to grab something to eat from the local shops.

A good idea, of course, but impractical. This is France, after all.

As per usual, everywhere was closed for lunch.

Yet another lesson learnt.

Ah well, best get climbing then.

The wooded first section was a refreshingly cool change from the Vendeix.

Another change was avoiding walkers with a death wish. They would watch me coming up the climb, then leap out to cross.

The Brompton, however, raised some welcoming cheers from a group of patient walkers converged on a bend.

Was it because I was wearing a Belgian cycling top and they mistakenly thought I was a fellow countryman?

“No, “I concluded; they must have known I was a Brit.

What national is going to ride a Brompton here?



Once clear of the forest, the landscape opened into wide views of the volcanic grass covered ridges.

Nothing too strenuous, and the atmosphere became calm.

This was more a “Sunday morning jolly” ride.

The car parks were full, but few people were visible, presumably all off rambling.

And so, a Namaste, and a freewheel 40mph+ down the carpet road.



A taste of the Pyrenees

A Mount Dore surprise was the local cheese shop, which claimed to sell the best cheese in the Pyrenees.

It was a slow day for them as passers-by were in short supply.

The sight of a cyclist always hungry looked easy to target.

I, of course, played along with their game, allowed myself to be succumbed to samples of this one and that one.

Eventually I bought a chunk and a baguette, so that was lunch sorted, and yes, it was good.

Not a surprise, of course, was finding an Irish bar along the road.

It doesn’t matter where you go, there is always one.

I’m not sure if I’ve had Guinness in a French pub before, but I moved on.

It was tempting, though.