Col de la Schlucht & Collet du Linge 

Col de la Schlucht - trying to look at ease

Date: 18th June 2023
Ride No. Col de la Schluct (47)
Grade: (5/10)

Ride No. Collet du Linge (46)
Grade: (4/10)
Location:Luttenbach-près-Munster, France

Segment ID: Schlucht 16636692
My Time:1:07:32


Segment ID: Linge 33201926
My Time: 51:27





Ferme all round

I had intended to climb the Col de la Schlucht earlier in the week, but notices everywhere declared The Col du la Schlucht FERME (I think FERME is France’s favourite word, but a close second is Artisan).

There was no other information other than FERME.

I decided that the Tourist Information Office would be the best place to find out more.

It would have been normal, but on Thursday it too was FERME for staff training (probably learning how to spell OUVERT).

On Friday, they informed me that the Col was being resurfaced and that it would be open at the weekend. Someone had successfully trained them for this information. BON!

Ooh, a newly surfaced road to descend, awesome!


Quick, quick, slow

The climb itself was not too demanding and apart from a few bumps, it maintained a steady 6% for the first 6Km.

The excitement of a newly surfaced road was of course not just confined to cyclists. Cars and motorbikes were also under starters orders to race up the Col.

As all comers battled for road space with each road user cursing the other the climb became more interesting.

The Col resurfacing was still a work in progress and after a few Kms this became a disappointment to all concerned.

The workers had brilliantly resurfaced  a few Kms of road but had only scraped off the old surface over the next few kms.

With no road markings present there was a temporary installation of red and white poles to mark the centre of the road.

The implementation of the poles forced the traffic into a carnival parade behind the cyclists.

One cyclist in question had already decided that today was ‘low gear spin day’. Busting a gut in the 32C heat for the benefit of motorised vehicles was not on the agenda.

The car drivers to be fair had resigned themselves to the slow pace realising that there was not a lot they could do about it other than crawl behind.

As the road poles disappeared and a new resurface stretch appeared the passing traffic considerately gave cyclists a wide berth as they passed.


There’s always one

One German motorcyclist, however, was of a totally different opinion.

Revving his 1000c armchair a few times he glared at me.

I smiled at him but my cheerful disposition was not reciprocated and he zoomed off into the distance.

I mischievously wondered if I should have rung my bell as well, but it made the next Kms a joy as I wondered if we enjoy an intellectual conversation at the summit too.

At the top OUVERT was now the word of the day.

Café’s, bars, souvenir shops were all open and doing a good trade.

My cold Coke at 3.5 Euros helped put a child through University, but on a hot, sticky day like this, it was a bargain.


Brompton – Collet du Linge No. 46

Approximately 2Km from the start of the Col de la Schlucht ascent, there is a turn for the Collet du Linge climb.

The Collet is a 9Km climb up through a forest and some villages.

The gradient fluctuates between 6-8%, so I decide to slow down and enjoy the views on this hot day.

The Km’s gradually show you the distance left to the Collet summit.

Then, without warning, the numbers jump.

I am informed of how far I am from a different summit. I just don’t get this logic.

What intrigues me even more is how one minute it is all haphazard and, on the same sign, it is displaying a 3 decimal place precision of gradient distance.

After a steady spin, the summit came into view.

A substantial monument and exhibition in remembrance of a very bloody WW2 battle sits ominously marking the top.

It certainly is impressive and makes you pause for thought.

The small car park is busy with French and German visitors paying their respects to the great losses on both sides.

It was now time to reap the rewards of my climb with a speedy descent as I chased two e-mountain bikes down the road.

The village road signs were flashing to tell PRUDENCE, that she needs to slow down, but she was not listening very well.