Col de Manse

Col de Manse bus stop and summit post ?

Date: 21st July 2023
Ride No. 94
Grade: 3/10
Location: Gap

Segment ID:16645486
My Time: 0:42:24


In Napoleon’s horse steps

The Col de Manse is a 10.2Km climb, which is rated at 3/10.

The ideal antidote after the Col du Noyer.

Well, you would have thought so.

The Col de Manse starts from the centre of Gap.

This was a very different scenario from the quiet village of Le Noyer.

As I drove down into Gap on the main road, I passed a cyclist climbing up.

I smiled to myself and thought, “Glad I’m not climbing this road, that wouldn’t be fun. Ha!”

Well, the smile was soon wiped off my face as the Garmin directed me back up the road, the Route Napoleon.

(I guess if it was good enough for him then its ok for me).


Le weekend

With only the occasional 9-10% bump, the climb rarely went above 5% and with a steady rhythm, I was making good progress.

The freshly surfaced road was easy to ride, and I was also glad of the wide dedicated cycle lanes.

I have found the climbs leading from a city can be busy and today it certainly was.

A lesson learnt, “Don’t ride a city climb on a Friday afternoon.”

Everyone was racing each other and anything else in their quest to be first.

After about 5Km I turned off the main drag strip; the traffic dropped, and fresh air returned.


Une bière et un bus s’il vous plaît

My arrival at the top of the climb was an anti-climax, though.

Only a bus stop and a Refuge Napoleon bar gave a clue that I had reached the Col de Manse summit.

I wondered how many places napoleon refuged at, everywhere it seemed.

A few shots overlooking Gap and to the mountains later and it was time to drop back into the hostile world of the busy town centre, find the car and join the traffic.