Col des Pradeaux

Col des Pradeaux

Date: 21st August 2022
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I’m not raving about this

Following the excursions of the Republique and the Chaubouret, I was looking forward to the sleeping bag.

I arrived back a bit later than hoped, so it was a case of exploring the fine cuisine of Montbrison. If it wasn’t closed, then you needed a reservation.

Pizza Cozy to the rescue .Handmade pizzas and IPA, what’s not to like?

Now content, I wondered back for campsite bliss.

However, bliss was short-lived. In the distance, another rave fires up.

From midnight to at least 4, the native drums banged away.

If there was one benefit, it was that the campsite was upwind

Another ‘great’ night’s sleep.

There are two nearby climbs to complete this area and I planned

At 9:30, the sun was out with a vengeance and the walking around the campsite had me sweating buckets.

Both climbs look straightforward.

The Col des Pradeaux, at 9 miles average 6% and the Col de la Croix-de-l’ Homme-Mort at 8.5miles average 4%.

Given a choice, I usually opt for the toughest or furthest away first.

The Pradeaux ticked both boxes and so off to Ambert for the start.


But I don’t want to share!

This climb fits into the “can’t be easier” to follow.

Find the Route des Pradeaux and keep going.

The road was smoother than my front room carpet.

A steady 6% with an occasional 9% and sweeping bends. You just switch off and take it all in.

Although you can praise a road for being like this, it also has its drawbacks. Sharing it with others. There are, of course, the inevitable motorbikes, but to make things different, a Lotus Super 7 club made an appearance.

Their tyres screeched around the bends as they fought to grip their side of the road. I kept wide and out of the way, just in case.

No “Oh shit!” moments, but certainly a couple of concerns now and again. (It looked fun though).

The summit is dominated by large tower. Not quite Ventoux, but a welcoming sight to focus on.

Descending was a dream, on such a smooth, wide surface. I could understand the temptation of the Lotus drivers in taking the smooth bends wide, but now it was my turn. Rolling to 30mph and then a bit of push for 40 as the Kojak slicks rolled around the bends.

One of the best rides and hottest rides so far.

Mummy, “Can I go on that ride again?” ?