Col du Berthiand

Col du Bertiand
Date: 24th June 2023
Ride No. 57
Grade: 3/10
Location: Merloz

Segment ID:16636854
My Time: 0:37:53






The Col du Berthiand was one of the problem climbs on the list.

It was not near any other climbs, nor was enroute to somewhere else for me.

If I could drop a climb, the Col du Berthiand would be high on my list.

A 3/10 of 6.5Km averaging 7% with a max of 11% seemed hardly worth getting out of bed for. But it’s in the 100, so it must be done.

3/10, sounds an easy push to get it done.


This was a complete b4st4rd. I have absolutely no idea how it was ranked like this.

The climb segment starts on the bridge over the L’Ain and within a Km it jumps to 9% then 10% and that is where it stays for the first 3.5Km.

Apart from a couple of bends, the climb is mostly straight and up, which makes it appear daunting.

In the 36C I was certainly feeling the pain but thankfully a 4% respite for 200mt came to my rescue.

This respite didn’t signal that the climb was over and, if to further emphasise the point, it briefly ramped back up to 11%.

This was the first climb on my 2023 visit that I felt the need to sit down for a few minutes at the summit.

In hindsight, I was punished for hitting the climb too hard at the start. Another lesson learnt the hard way (as usual).

If I was at the beginning of the TdF 100 Climbs challenge and this 3/10 was my first ride, I might have said, “au revoir”.

I was so whacked out that couldn’t make the advertised speed dating. Sorry ladies, maybe another day.