Col du Donon

Col du Donon, Vosges, France

Date: 14th June 2023
Ride No. 44
Grade: 3/10
Location: Rothau, Bas-Rhin


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Onwards and upwards

Destination Schirmeck in the Vosges, here I come.

After sleeping on a Brittany Ferry, floor and the wonderful experience of the Paris Periphique on a hot day with no air con I had arrived.

At 17:30 with my tent in place I had time to spare and the need to stretch my legs.

Perfect start

The Col du Donon (Climb No. 44 in the list) was just a few Kms away.

A 9.3Km climb, rated at 3/10 and nothing above 7%. The perfect leg loosener.

As is the way with many TDF climbs it was smooth road surface with a few tight hairpins(excellent).

The road was quiet and the steady 2% first Km reminded to settle in and not ride like a Brit on road bike.

The climb itself was straightforward with nothing much else to say about it except that there was no need for protein recovery afterwards as I probably swallowed enough flies on the descent.

But that was it, the first climb of the year in the bag. The Brompton performed perfectly as did everything else.

We had all survived the journey and now the rest of the adventure could begin.