Cormet de Roselend

A great summit marker Cormet de Roselend

Date: 6th July 2023
Ride No. 68
Grade: 7/10
Location: Bourg Saint Maurice

Segment ID:16641306
My Time: 1:34:44





Valley of the Glaciers

Today I returned to Bourg Saint-Maurice for this 7/10 epic of 19Km and up to 1979m.

This highly rated climb by Simon Warren ‘Has it all’. Hairpins, jaw dropping scenery, testing gradients and all set in the Valley of the Glaciers.

Two days ago, I had a notion to ride this climb after riding the Col du Petit-Saint-Bernard, but I decided it was too late in the day.

My route back from the Col du Petit-Saint-Bernard was over the Cormet de Roselend, and I studied it closely.

The gradients, especially out of the hairpins and the Yaris struggling, coloured my expectation for a tough day.


“Quick hide, its a Brompton”

So, with some knowledge of what was in store, I began my climb from Bourg Saint Maurice.The roads had a steady flow, but there was a peacefulness.

The opening 7-9% dropped to a 2% gradient, then descended after 3Kms, but the length of the ‘flat’ was not enough to warrant a deft chain ring changing finger flick.

Unlike yesterday’s illusion, this was a real decline both visually and actually 😉

As the gradient picked back up again, everything became quiet. I was not quite quiet enough, though.

My approach had caught the Marmots off guard.

Obviously, they were in awe at the sight of a Brit on Brompton, and they scampered down the bank to safety. A wise move.

I was in the Valley of the Glaciers, but it seemed more like a cathedral with mountain walls.

With 2Km to go, a chilling headwind picked up.

At first it was wecloming and cooling, but the novelty soon wore off as my sweat-soaked bandana gave me brain freeze.


The calm summit

The calm of the ride was still in evidence at the summit. It was eerily quiet.

A few cyclists and motorcyclists milled around a mobile vendor selling local produce and more importantly coffee.

As tempted as I was, a high speed descent with a shopping bag full of suasages and cheese swinging from the handlebars might have issues.

There was, however, a potential photographer on the scene to capture my efforts, so time for some charm.

I asked the lady if she wouldn’t mind taking my photo as her husband came over to look at the Brompton.

It was, of course, the inevitable question accompanied by the now inevitable answer time.

“Non, moi est electrique”.

He laughed and then forensically examined the Brompton before finally acknowledging that it wasn’t.


Go, Stop, Shoot, Repeat

The descent now took on its well-rehearsed act.

Breakneck speed, brake burning stops, and out with the camera.

Despite all my efforts, it could not capture the magnificence of the Cormet.

The Cormet de Roselend was a great climb and one that I want to ride again.