Col du Granier

Col du Granier

Date: 8th July 2023
Ride No. 72
Grade: 5/10
Location: Chambery

Segment ID:16794726
My Time: 1:04:05





Where there was calm let there be chaos

The Col du Granier, another one of those awkwardly located climbs from my campsite, but I was up early and keen.

Straight out of the busy town Chambery, the climb begins, but after a Km, the town is forgotten.

I’m quickly into a settled rhythm, but this contentment is short-lived as it suddenly develops into ‘race time’.

Calmness and any style go out the window as my chain clatters up the gears.

Roadwork Traffic Lights.

It was a deep dig as I passed the lights, they flashed to orange, but I kept going.

Past and through, but I needed to keep going before the local’s raced towards me.

I’m knackered but sparked up, although the spark soon dims as the gradient rises to 8%.

Further up a now 7% gradient is another set of lights.

Out of the saddle and race once more.

This time I made it easy, but I am not a fan of interval training on 7%.

Slow breathing, spin and recover is the order of the moment.

On one side of the climb, I have fantastic views over the city and on the other a solid rock face jutting out over the road.

This narrow road is quite fun to ride, but then there is some extra excitement.

Boom, Boom, out go the lights.

A pitch-black rock face tunnel where my flashing lights were probably more migraine inducing rather than helpful.

Fortunately, a short tunnel, but when the sun appeared, it was like someone turning on a bright light first thing in the morning.


I deserve it

After finding the summit sign next to a bus stop (could have saved some time there and got a KOM) I headed for the Auberge.

Yes, please, I would like a café.

A blueberry tart, you say, ok.

With cream, why not?

I deserved it – well, at least I thought so.


Mind the gap(s)

It was a cautious descent, but swift.

Some hairpins and bends were not up to my usual demanding standards.

Wide cracks and gravel made it very tricky for the Brompton slicks and alarmingly, I felt my back wheel move sideways a few times.

I climb one time every day to enjoy it more rather than go flat out, but since I’m leaving soon, a second climb would be useful.